Akasha and Asun

Acrylic on canvas
Size: 12″ x 16″
Sarazen Brooks original artwork

Science says that in the time it took its light to reach us, this nebula has since dispersed. So, in a way, what I am doing is preserving a piece of history in this painting. This nebula is most commonly referred to as the Pillars of Creation.

Akasha and Asun are the female and male presence of the universe, similar to Shiva and Shakti in Hindu philosophy. They embody the polarities of the universe, male and female in perfect balance and harmony with one another. I had just learned of their existence when I began to create this painting. Interestingly enough, as I painted, I began to hear a loving banter between them, like that of a typical husband and wife. It was as if they were bickering with each other back and forth, and it was only later that I learned that other people have also perceived this style of interaction between Akasha and Asun. The male presence is very aligned with divine wisdom and power. The female presence is firmly anchored in love. Together these two forces are constantly finding balance with one another and within ourselves. They work in harmony to keep us stable and to make sure that all actions carried out in the universe fall within cosmic laws. While many people see forces as impersonal, my experience is that all forces have conscious awareness.

Message from Akasha and Asun:

“We come to offer much protection. Our greatest gift we are channeling to you through the outlet of this painting. It is our job to help underdogs step into their strength, those individuals who are sleeping giants just waiting to wake up and embrace the true essence of their soul and their plan, those who are still too timid to speak up and use their inner voice. We will help you find your soul’s true calling, and help you create a life that is most harmonious for you, full of more joy and abundance that you had thought possible in your wildest dreams.”