Anahata • Heart Chakra Mini • Monochromatic

Style: Monochromatic
Size: 3″ square
Sarazen Brooks original artwork

The heart chakra, or anahata, is our centre for feeling as well as transmitting and receiving divine love. With an open heart chakra, one is able to remain in a state of peace and calmness despite apparent life challenges. Abundance flows to a person with an open anahata chakra. In a universal sense, love, wealth, vitality or opportunity are all one energy. Love is a superpower. It has the power to dissolve negativity around you, correct unwanted situations and heal others by just being in your presence. Key traits for this chakra are harmony, forgiveness, ability to heal, discernment, compassion and empathy. The heart chakra also has the power to dissolve ego, dislodge self-identification and experience and see unconditional love in all things.

A person experiencing a blockage in this chakra can experience depression, isolation, scarcity, fear of being loved or a fear of being used for love. To break out of this cycle, meditate with this chakra daily while focusing on heart-opening meditations or devotional chants. As this chakra’s element is air, deep-breathing exercises and pranayama will help shift things quickly. Chanting AUM into any chakra also is a simple technique that will never lose its punch.

The anahata chakra is a vital chakra for manifestation and for spiritual awakening to progress. Once awakened, it acts as a strong vortex, helping pull stagnant energies up from the lower chakras. Get the heart chakra firing strong and you’re halfway there!

Colour: 💚

Element: Air 🌬

Mantra: YAM

Location: Heart

Sound: Gong

Sign: Taurus- / Libra+

Ruler: Venus

Spiritual quality: Divine love

The + and – signs shows the path energy takes through the body as it travels through up our ida (left) and down our pingala (right), starting at the base of the spine with Aquarius. This appropriately places all the + signs on the left side of the body, and all the – on the right.

These come in two colours:

1) Spiral Galaxy

2) Monochromatic

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