“I paint the Universe to gain a better understanding about myself, and how I relate to my environment – including all bodies in motion around me, large and small. It is from the greater that all solutions will emerge. Our planet plays a very significant role in our solar system, a role which science is only beginning to understand. There are great benevolent beings of light, imperceptible to our basic senses, who act as overseers and who govern some of the forces acting upon the awakening of this planet and its people.

“These higher forces and energies are around us at all times, and shape our lives and our world more than we know. In time, these facts will become common knowledge. We are beginning to unravel the mystery and true nature of the continuum that we are living within. Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX and arguably one of the smartest and most successful people in the world, has openly provided an almost irrefutable argument that we are living in a simulation. Following his simple logic, the probability that the world around us actually ‘base reality’ is essentially zero. If indeed we are living in a simulation, most people look elsewhere for the creators of that simulation; in fact as the argument goes, the greatest likelihood is that we are living in a simulation that we ourselves created in the distant past. So what is more likely, that we are alone and the only intelligent form of life in a nearly infinite universe? Or that we have unknowingly created and manifested our own simulation in an experiment to see if we could connect back to our Higher Selves, and escape from our own simulation?

“Throughout the ages, the civilization we have developed has been largely pioneered by a relatively small number of great people. Inventors and innovators, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, René Descartes and Henry Cornelius Agrippa, to name a few. These men have known the importance and function of spirituality married with physics and mathematics. Together these forces make up the blueprint of life, and they must be considered together, in unison, to come to a true understanding of why it is we are here.

“With each universe painting that I create, I am uncovering a part of myself that had previously been unseen. Something once unknown arises from the darkness into the light, and becomes a truth. In this process, I gain further understanding of how the universe relates to me. As I focus so intently on painting one part of the universe, I feel I am actually opening a type of portal to that place and bringing its power into the here and now. Quantum theory has proven that matter behaves differently when it is being observed. I feel this is what is happening when I am focusing on one part of the universe while creating my art.

“The thing I enjoy the most about painting the universe is the expanded feeling that it creates within me. It is important to allow the self to take up space, and to give the self permission to have room to breathe. It is by giving ourselves permission to wonder about the possibilities of existence that we can reach the full potential of what we all truly are.”


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