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Newest painting "The Eagle Nebula'

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The Eagle Nebula

Excited to release my newest painting 'The Eagle Nebula today which is one of my most significant works to date. He is very close to my heart and we shared many touching conversations together while I was in the creational process of bringing him to full maderization into this physical reality. 

Read more about his story on my site:

The Eagle Nebula

Fall show

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Solo show at Plaskett Gallery this fall.

September 1st - 31st at Massey Theaters in New West I will be showing my entire Infinite Series for the first time ever. 735 Eighth Ave New West.   

Plaskett Gallery

CBC's Crash Gallery Season 1

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Season 1 winner of CBC's reality show Crash Gallery! Where artists complete in high stakes and incredibly challenging timed art competition with a spin. Watch the episode below.

Artist Mentorship

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Artist apprenticeship intensive with world renowned artist James Picard. James is an honorary teacher at Emily Carr & award winning sculpture. Mentorship consisted of full training in colour theory, oil, still life, portraiture, sketching, stretching canvas and a sculpture workshop with a live model. Picard studios: May 2010-2011

Sarazen Brooks Artist Mentorship James Picard