Eternal Youth Divine


Eternal Youth Divine

Sarazen Brooks Original Artwork

Acrylic on canvas

Size: 30" x 50" 

I try to imagine what kind of lifeforms exist around high energy stars. I imagine they carry a very high vibration and great beauty and perfection. Do they have shopping malls? Do they live in an advanced metropolis like George Jetson and have flying cars that take them everywhere or devices to help them get dressed? Or perhaps their advancement is beyond our comprehension. There is something so etherial about this scene, that is delicate, yet powerful. Regardless of their technology, I imagine that all the beings that are living in this region of space possess a certain type of grace.

 Message from Eternal Youth Divine:

“How long awaited have I been standing silently by while I have been watching mankind go back and fourth trying to work out their own lessons. It is no accident I have also been named the nebula “War and peace. Now with the opening of the vortex and the entrance of humanity into the 7th Golden Age I welcome my participation and contributing. I come as a Master Teacher of all Teachers assisting to balance and stabilize the copy waters of emotions that currently plague the planet at this time. For the individual I am a tremendous catalyst and lighting fast forward button into helping you reach your own souls potential. Don’t be surprised if you experience a faster that fast total life transformation by working with me. You can expect a drastic change in friends, home environment, field of interest and studies, make sure you like to go fast to keep up with me. My hand will always be enveloping you with love and the confidence to make any and all necessary changes, so you too feel the direction to go in with your heart.”

Reference courtesy of NASA

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