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Sarazen Brooks Original Artwork

Oil on canvas

Size: 16" x 16"

I have become enthralled with Jupiter. Despite having already painted her twice, I think I shall paint her several times more. For this particular painting, I wanted to portray her as we have become accustomed to seeing her, with so much of her great detail and clairity. I see her much differently in my minds eye, existing in the 5th dimension. I see her existing more with iridescent colours, with a lot of violets and greens. Or perhaps I am seeing her in a different spectrum such as infrared or ultraviolet.

Whatever the case, her great magnetic power can be felt near and far. Her immense gravity literally protects the Earth from comets and asteroids; she has so much influence upon our solar system, more than anyone realizes. When I began to study her both from a scientific and spiritual standpoint, I was very interested to learn that there are higher dimensional light beings known as the Jupiter Queens.

I then had an astral projection one evening while in a deep sleep. I projected through Jupiter’s atmosphere into a grand ballroom where four of these ‘queens’ stood in front of me, asking me what I was doing there, and what they could do to help. They were the most beautiful, intelligent and poised lifeforms that I have ever had the honour of meeting.

Our interaction with these higher beings should be treated as sacred, and should be honoured. We have all had interactions with them to varying degrees. This is dependent on one’s level of attainment and one’s receptiveness. The more we continue to welcome in these magical experiences, the more they will continue to happen for all of us.

Message from Jupiter:

“I am the largest, most generous and playful planet there is. I am also the most jovial and have a gregarious sense of humour. It is my greatest hope and desire to begin working with you to help fast forward you through all lessons, especially financial, so you can get straight to the FUN part of life. Because that is what living is really about. I aim to bring you more into the now, and into a receptive state of being. During this process I will work by helping you look at your own darkness and help by powerfully magnetizing those pesky pieces out of your field. I help you to see your true self, the Highest and best version there is.

Ask for the stars when working with me, and I will give you the whole Universe.”

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