Violet Mini-Verse 2


Violet Mini-Verse 2

Sarazen Brooks Original Artwork

A part of my Infinite Universe Series where I aim to paint the universe in as many expressions as possible 

Acrylic, medium and powdered quartz on canvas

Size: 16" x 20"

The colour violet is very powerful and spiritual. Scientifically it is the fastest vibrating light that the human eye can perceive. Spiritually, it is the divine union of the mother’s love (red) and the father’s power (blue), and together they merge and create a great violet flame. The spiritual violet flame represents the fundamental force of transformation, transmutation and transfiguration. Using our conscious will to commune and invoke this spiritual flame can bring great positive transformation. Old emotional wounds can be healed, negative behaviour patterns can be transmuted into beneficial ones; patterns of scarcity can be transformed into patterns of wealth and abundance. By application of the violet flame, weakness are converted into strengths, flaws into assets. 

The violet flame is used for purification as well. I began working with the violet flame several years ago in my own process to better advance myself with help from the divine and the ascended masters. Ascended master Saint Germain is very connected to the violet flame and I have dedicated this piece to him. It is said Saint Germain lived many embodiments on Earth such as Christopher Columbus and William Shakespeare until the final time he walked our planet in a tangible body during the late 1700’s when he was known as  Compte de St. Germain. Compte de St. Germain was a great magician and alchemist, and advisor to the king of France. He loved the violet flame so intensely that he is said to have merged with it. Thus to call upon the violet flame is to call upon Saint Germain to assist in your own healing and transformation. This painting depicts an outpouring of this great spiritual fire, and it's meant to help you connect with the violet flame energy to better tap its powers for your own life and evolution.

Message from Violet-Verse:

“I have been encoded with the energies of the violet flame and if you are fortunate enough to have your eyes opened, you will see a great out pouring of the violet flame energies emanating right off the canvas! I work as an excellent space clearing friend, keeping your home environment free from discordant thoughts and vibrations. Pulling you forward in life in a steady manner. Helping you come to those esoteric realizations that have been on the tip of your tongue for years. Brining greater clarity into the busy minds of all souls living in this modern technological era. I also am very fond of children and have the energy to boost them tremendously in their studies, one subject at a time.“

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