Gabriel Delivers a Water Basin
Gabriel Delivers a Water Basin framed

Acrylic, medium and powedered quartz on canvas
Size: 36″ x 48″
Sarazen Brooks original artwork

Custom framing as shown.

Most of my paintings come to me through dreams. This one was a particularly beautiful dream, where I was visited by Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel appeared to me as a beautiful woman, with long flowing brown hair. She faced me and told me that she was to deliver a water basin back to the people of Earth, back to humanity. I created this painting in recognition of that dream, a beautiful cosmic waterfall. The healing emerald-green water is pouring down from the universe above, flowing down over the horizon, onto the Earth. 

Message from Gabriel:

“I, Archangel Gabriel, strongly envelop the energy that has been reflected in this painting. This paintings serves as a mirror to your soul. As you stare upon the waters of this comic ocean that appears to fall before your eyes, I am able to do much work on you. This painting is as much cleansing and purifying, as it is energizing.

“I am the messenger and master of communication in both the spiritual realm and this one. I am drawn the creatives, the writers, composers, musicians and public speakers. All of those who have a voice that needs to be heard in this embodiment. Let me be your guide to help you deliver the message of your soul with more power and clarity, which in turn will yield you magnificent results in all of your endeavours.”

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