Genesis framed

Acrylic, medium and powdered quartz on canvas
Size: 36″ x 48″
Sarazen Brooks original artwork

Custom framing included a shown.

Genesis came out of my exploration of the act of creation itself. The blackness is the backdrop from which everything emerges. Most theories of creation state that before there was light, there was darkness. There is a connotation with darkness, that it is unfriendly, that it is unkind. That is only what it stands for here on Earth, and that is a misconception. The blackness represents the mother’s womb, from where all things are born, where all creation originates. Before there was light, the darkness served as an incubator for all of us, to help us step into the great gift of conscious existence.

The ancient alchemists spoke of the prima materialis, which is Latin for the “first matter” or primordial substance. They explained that when this primordial matter is given form, tangible matter and existence emerge from it. If you look closely at this painting from the correct angle, you’ll see the various shapes taking form in the blackness. These are the primordial substance in the moments before it precipitates into tangible, visible existence.

Giving form to the primordial substance is the most fundamental act of creation and manifestation. Every day, with every thought, we perform the same process on a small scale; an idea is born in our mind, given power by our feelings, and gradually manifested into tangible reality. Let this painting remind you of your own power as a creator being. Use your own creative powers to manifest the world of your dreams.

Message from Genesis:

“I am a portal, a gate. I am aligned with the energies of the Monoliths who carry with them ancient technologies of time-travel. With these structures created, I am able to offer my shape to you as a safe vessel to unravel one’s past lives from beginning to end. With this full understanding of the experiences you have already had, you can come into greater understanding of past mistakes. Especially for those who are on their last life, this is your time to correct all past mistakes and to learn your final life lessons. If you knew the gravity of this truth you would hold each decision under greater consideration. My powers are not be be abused, and I am only for the brave of heart.”

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