Journey to Source (SOLD)

Oil on canvas
Size: 36″ x 30″
Sarazen Brooks original artwork

Something about this place seems familiar even though it’s 93 million light years away. To us that sounds far, but to the universe that is nothing. There is something so beautiful and playful about that. It’s delightful we can so easily connect to something, despite it being so far away, and yet we are seeing what it looked like 93 million years ago, due to the time it took for its light to reach us. I often wonder what this galaxy looks like now. Was it still in existence as I painted this picture or has it already dispersed into the ether?

Message from Journey to Source:

“I come from a region of space containing some of the most advanced beings in this universe, those who have not been discovered and are unknown, by and large, to your kind. I will not disclose all of my gifts to you at this time. Speaking as a collective, our gifts are something that need to be earned. We have an enigmatic quality that requires more time in meditation for this mystery to be revealed to you. Only the patient and deserving will come into full understanding of what we aim to deliver.”

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