When I first set out to begin my task of painting the Universe, I set out with crystal-clear intentions. These intentions were my wanting to paint the Universe in as many different styles, textures, mediums and forms as possible. Why so? Because the Universe desires to be experienced and perceived in an infinite number of different ways. Now appropriately my paintings have expanded into “The Infinite Universe Series.”

Since my early childhood I have had a deep inner knowing that I would become an artist, my earliest memory being around the age of five. Astronauts came to visit my kindergarten class; I was hooked by the ice cream they brought us but even more enthralled to learn that people could actually physically travel into space. I had to go. I informed my mom of my plans, but to my surprise she did not share my enthusiasm; the thought of my being rocketed into the sky did not appeal to her and she told me it was “too far from home.” The only other interest that held my attention was art and so I opted to meet her halfway by deciding that I would paint the heavens the way I saw them and in so doing soul travel in spirit to those places.

I did not always follow my intuition. Right after high school I ignored it and went to college to study the next best thing, which was kinesiology. My plan was to become an orthopedic surgeon until the realization that I did not actually want to operate on people for a living. Feeling deeply unfulfilled, not having created anything for almost my entire four years in college, I happened to watch the movie Basquait and dropped out the next day. After completing my first painting, I took a massive leap of faith, absolutely knowing I needed to pursue this type of art as my calling. Within two weeks I had manifested a world-renowned mentor, James Picard. Ironically, shortly after this, a car accident fast-tracked my new vocation, providing me with nothing but time to master my craft for the next two years.

Fast-forwarding to 2011 (my third year of painting), I finished my first universe piece titled Incomprehensible. It took me ninety hours, was done in oils and it really was incomprehensible. I felt the Universe flowing through me in, creating it rather than coming from myself. It was such a powerful feeling, and in that moment I came to the realization of what the plan for my life should be.

Another deep realization I have had almost my entire is the fact that man’s spiritual awareness as a whole is remarkably low. In 2012, $1.7 trillion was spent on global war and that amount has risen even more since then. Priorities of the human race are so skewed and backwards compared to what we claim to state and try to accomplish. People are sick, starving and hurting each other in so many parts of the world. We do not work together enough as a whole or we would have solved these issues long ago. We are not really trying to overcome them. Instead, like ostriches with heads in the sand, we are leaving it to others to work on such problems rather than doing anything about it ourselves. We all need to be accountable. These issues require everyone’s assistance and knowledge, not just one person’s.

While we continue to blow each other up and point fingers at the “enemy,” we fail to look first to the enemy within ourselves, to see if maybe we are in fact accountable for the current state of the world. Energy that is put out is received back in return. It comes straight back. When you harm another, you are truly hurting yourself. Everything is connected. We have to consider if what we have done and what we do on a daily basis contributes to the betterment of humanity. Our minds and egos are our greatest enemies and provide the hardest but most rewarding war that we will ever fight. Yet so many people refuse to look to the heavens and so expand their minds to ponder something greater than themselves and their present circumstances, nor will they look within themselves to find any answers.

The few people who have done so know exactly what I am talking about.

Some people are waking up as the energy of the planet rises and more and more people are becoming aware that all our actions create humanity’s future. In fact collectively we hold the power to create the best possible future that we could ever dream of, rather than the nightmare in which we have been enslaved so long.

Anyone who truly seeks the truth will be rewarded for the difficult journey of overcoming the present illusion that we are not in control of.

It is absolutely ridiculous that the Universe is not really mentioned much in our public school education beyond grade three. It is heard in passing here and there, and sometimes a poke jolts you into remembering, “Oh yes, that thing. That exists, I forgot about that.” In reality it is the only reason humanity exists at all. We should spend our fictitiously created “money” that has value to fund understanding everything there is to know about it. In the long run this is the only thing that is going to save us, as it is inevitable that we will need to learn everything about our origins and how it works to continue to survive.

For humanity to survive we need to understand our universe, solve global hunger and reverse the pollution of our planet. We need to eliminate pain and suffering and avoid the monotonous arguments that go round in circles without any winner. Love and understanding are the only real things that make the world go round. If one wants to experience something new, then one has to do something different. We are out of time and reasons to justify our procrastinations which cost us more than we think.

We are not alone and all our choices and actions have major impacts. It is time to start choosing wisely and manifest the change we want to see instead of hiding and thinking that it is someone else’s responsibility. It is time to become the leaders we are capable of and start making changes to humanity, at first in very small ways. These will snowball into a future reality that will become so beautiful and never thought possible.

People are too scared to raise a voice and stand up for their beliefs. We allow so much to go on without doing anything about it. According to a newly released stat, 90% of people who have seen online bullying do nothing about it. Then they are saddened when a suicide results. Everyone’s voice has an impact and it is our responsibility to both protect each other and our planet. It is impossible to have one’s consciousness raised and yet continue to hurt another. Thus I am taking a stand on behalf of humanity.

A question I have asked myself my whole life is whether the Universe is friendly. The answer is yes. The Universe is benevolent and wants us to succeed. All we have to do is show it our intentions and a change will begin that will uplift us, raising us into a situation that otherwise we would not have thought at all possible.

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