Manipura • Solar Plexus Mini • Spiral Galaxy

Style: Spiral Galaxy
Size: 3″ square
Sarazen Brooks original artwork

Our lotus has now evolved to have ten petals. This is the first power chakra and is associated with the energy of the sun and willpower. It is not until the awakening of the solar plexus that true forward progress towards kundalini can be made, causing small tributaries of energy to be withdrawn from the outer world and to migrate up towards the centre of the spine with greater momentum.

Colour: 💛

Element: 🔥

Mantra: RAM

Location: Navel

Sound: Stringed musical instrument being plucked

Ruler: Mars

Sign: Aries+ / Scorpio-

Spiritual quality: Fiery self-control

When our solar plexus is balanced, one is able to easily tackle any task in front of them with both confidence and determination. Any doubts are easily overcome and grounded back into formulating your plan. Confidence is expressed in its highest sense, and not in a harmful way. Faith is married with action, making this chakra one of the biggest powerhouses for generating momentum.

When there is an unbalance in this chakra, either over- or underactive, one will begin to experience dips in energy. Doubts roll in and suddenly moving forward seems very daunting. Losing sight of the path ahead, one can begin to have a fixation on small details. Some other side effects may be manipulation, misuse of will, fatigue, helplessness and irresponsibility, which all stop the upward rising path kundalini naturally wants to follow. Willpower can hit an all-time low and there can be a lack of self-control in eating and everyday actives, which can perpetuate the downwards spiral.

These altar pieces are designed to help unblock your chakras, and to help you come into a place of greater alignment with more consistency. Because Mars is the ruler of this chakra, those who have a weak Mars placement in their natal chart may benefit especially from this painting.

Spend time in meditation, envisioning the feeling of divine willpower running through your crown and filling your solar plexus with golden light: “I am in control of my life.” Another method of picking yourself up from a place of low willpower is to cut yourself off from people and places who consume your remaining will.

The + and – signs shows the path energy takes through the body as it travels through up our ida (left) and down our pingala (right), starting at the base of the spine with Aquarius. This appropriately places all the + signs on the left side of the body, and all the – on the right.

These come in two colours:

1) Spiral Galaxy

2) Monochromatic

Please contact regarding this painting or to commission a similar artwork.

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