Peace Among the Gods
Peace Among the Gods detail
Sarazen painting Peace Among the Gods

Acrylic with pumice stone on canvas
Size: 72″ x 36″
Sarazen Brooks original artwork

Within the process of creating this painting I came into a greater understanding of Orion. My favourite part about Orion is that he looks so dreamy, soft and gentle, yet powerful, strong, and very vibrant. Sirius, one of the stars in the Orion constellation, is also one of the brightest stars in the sky and is the source of some benevolent light beings that are ushering in support to our planet during this growth process.

Orion’s belt itself is a very important marker in the Universe. When the Great Pyramid of Giza was built, it pointed directly to Orion. Giza is one of the focal points on the Earth where great vortices exist in the “ley lines” of the planet. Great information is able to travel at the speed of light through this entry point and many others around the globe. In this coming Golden Age they will serve as great conduits of communication for higher life forms to be able to usher in new technologies, new advancements in our soul’s evolution, that will help lead us out of the relative dark age that we are still residing in.

Message from Orion:

“I have the strength to help individuals achieve their tremendous life plans. Those plans that require a herculean effort to actualize. My energy can only be used to energize the constructive use of your free will that is for the betterment of human kind as a whole. I resonate strongly with humanitarians, especially those who have been given the divine gift of bringing important and practical technology to the planet in the forms of inventions, software technology and free-energy machines. My gravitational pull is strong and those who feel the call from me will hear this loud and clear.”

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