Ajna • Third Eye Chakra Mini • Monochromatic


Ajna • Third Eye Chakra Mini

Style • Monochromatic

Size • 3 x 3"

Our lotus is nearing the final stages of its completion. Once having 16 petals previously, now it only has two. The two dual eyes previously used to view the world have now merged into one. The two petal remaining on the side pay homage to the transformation we all must go through to find Self. 

The Ajna chakra has been long known by mystics as a revealer of worlds. While other worlds may appear to exist outwardly, it is important to remember that there is only one world and that is within. In yoga the Third Eye has a much deeper meaning. It is known as the seat of Superconsciousness or the Christ Consciousness Centre: the point at which the soul enters the body. Its polar negative is the medulla oblongata where the ego resides. 

In astrology the Sun (third eye) represents who we really are, while the moon (ego) can only reflect the Sun's light. Through meditation one is able to open a door to the divine and continually welcome in more of this divine intelligence. By constantly directing our energy towards the Third Eye and away from ego consciousness, we actively play a role in our own spiritual development. 

This is what Jesus meant when he said, "if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." - Matthew 6:22

Colour: Indigo 💙

Mantra: Ooo

Location: North Node: Between the eyebrows

                South Node: Medulla Oblongata = Ego

Sound: Sounds of all chakras, or thundering sounds

Sign: Leo+ / Cancer-

Ruler: Sun 🌞/ Moon 🌙

Spiritual Quality: Divine Joy

Qualities expressed when the Third Eye is energized are: happiness, unity, oneness, connectivity, well-being, alignment, flexibility, receptivity, vision, energy, the feeling of being guided, and ability to see the future. 

Qualities expressed when Ego is energized instead are: sternness, excessive pride, being forced to follow one's patterns, sadness, the need to control one's environment, slave to desires, self inflated, inflexibility, not wanting to see the way; the root of all suffering, karma. 

To break free of this negative loop, mediate daily on this symbol while also practicing the ancient technique Hong Sau. 

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