Sahasrara • Crown Chakra • Spiral Galaxy


Sahasrara • Crown Chakra

Style • Spiral Galaxy

Size • 8 x 8"

We have reached the end of our journey. True union can be reached now as we approach the unfolding of the Crown chakra, also known by the great rishis as the “thousand petaled lotus flower”, or Sahasrara.

The crown is responsible for our last and final greatest stages of development. Some masters of yoga like Yogananda say never to approach the crown first on its own, claiming it can be even dangerous. Instead it is to be approached through the third eye chakra. Once ego has become spiritualized through meditation, our spiritual centre naturally shifts to the third eye. A channel opens up from the third eye to the crown, endowing it with an abundance of light and higher knowledge.

Colour: 💜

Mantra: Mmm

Location: Crown

Spiritual Quality: Centre of divine union

A transformed crown chakra will allow access to higher states of consciousness like experiencing bliss, limitlessness, allowing one to loose restrictions and form. Divine knowingness, divine understanding, divine union, expansion, integrating the higher self, and the ability to transcend worldly affairs and karma. With all blockages removed from nervous system, Kundalini may now awaken, opening the door for the most sacred state of Samadhi.

An unbalanced crown chakra, or one with blockages may not be able to determine the right direction, feeling cut off from direct knowing. One may also have a great aversion to any type of self-analysis or introspection. Other tendencies may include feeling like an ostrich in the sand, feeling alone and disconnected from spirit, making a chain of badly guided decisions due not being in-tune.

To open your crown, focus on life affirming and life expanding affirmations while continuing to enliven all other chakras. Since they are intimately connected it is almost impossible to open one, without also helping clear another. Continue building a sense of trust that you are infinitely protected and supplied by the universe. One may also practice the mantra “Mmm” while meditating on this painting with the intention of drawing in divine wisdom and understanding.