Heart of the Milky Way


Heart of the Milky Way

Sarazen Brooks Original Artwork

Oil on canvas

Size: 36" x 22"

This is a portrait of our galaxy and our home. All I see is perfection. I see the universe unfolding in the exact way that nature intended. If you look, you can see that every star is in the right position, every planet is in exactly the right place. How could anything ever go wrong when there is such perfection existing all around us? The more and more that we recognize perfection, the more and more we can begin to exhibit it in our lives. In the same way we are bound by cosmic laws, we are bound by the law of action and reaction. Staring out at the Milky Way can have a profound impact on your soul and teach you a lot about how to live. We would all be a little bit more careful of the thoughts we held, if we knew they were all coming right back to us. Starting out at this expansive scene reminds me of both the simplicity of these laws and the mastery it takes to embrace them fully. 

There are fewer and fewer places on our planet that are still dark enough to see the Milky Way at night and experience its magic.  With this painting, one can experience its magic all the time; a reminder of our place in the universe.

Message from Heart of the Milky Way:

“I am here for the philosopher who is looking to go on a deep long journey with me into the heart of existence. I facilitate astral protection by gazing into my folds and crevices of stars I will pull your out of your mind and into the One-mind of the Greater. Helping one to understand the fundaments of the Infinite. It is my gift to help with expanding of the mind, and the souls of those who want to feel larger, who want to feel connected to source and the Universe. The Universe if a very friendly place once you get to know it, let me take your hand and step by step we will progress onto very advanced topics together.“

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