Sarazen Brooks Original Artwork

Oil on canvas, molding paste

Size: 16" x 16"

I have become enthralled with Jupiter. Despite having already painted her twice, I think I shall paint her several times more. For this painting, I wanted to portray her as we are accustomed to see her, with so much of her detail and clarity. I see her much differently in my minds eye, existing with iridescent chameleon-like colours. A lot of violets and greens. Or perhaps I am seeing her in a different spectrum such as infrared or ultraviolet. 

Message from Jupiter:

“I am the largest, most generous and playful planet there is. I am also the most jovial and have a gregarious sense of humour. It is my greatest hope and desire to begin working with you to help expedite you through all lessons, especially financial, so you can get straight to the FUN part of life. Because that is what living is really about. I aim to bring you more into the now, and into a receptive state of being. During this process I will work by helping you look at your own inner darkness and help by powerfully magnetizing those pesky pieces out of your field. I help you to see your true self, the Highest and best version there is. Ask for the stars when working with me, and I will give you the whole Universe.”

If you would like to enquire about commissioning a similar piece of artwork, please email hello@sarazenbrooks.com