Muladhara • Root Chakra • Monochromatic


Muladhara • Root Chakra 

Style • Monochromatic

Size • 8 x 8"

Our little lotus is starting its journey with four petals. The root chakra located at the base of our spine is our most primal chakra, highlighting our needs for survival, stability and security. This forms the foundation for our connection to the Earth and our physical bodies, keeping us grounded. The Muladhara also carries with it energies of our ancestors, and with that shows us things that we require healing from in this life. A fully open and energized Muladhara gives us the energy, stamina, perseverance and confidence to accomplish tasks. Whereas a person experiencing a blockage may experience poor thinking, low motivation, insecurities, difficulty prioritizing and low self esteem. By meditating on this symbol for 'up to' several hours per day, you will begin to feel blockages breaking down as energy begins releasing up towards the brain. Freeing it to rise to higher spinal spiritual centres, like the Christ-Consciousness centre in the third eye. 

Colour: 🌹

Element: 🌎

Mantra: LAM

Location: Coccyx

Sound: Bumblebees

Ruler: Saturn

Sign: Aquarius+ / Capricorn-

Spiritual Quality: Ability to follow the Yama’s

The + and - signs shows the path energy takes through the body as it travels through up our Ida (left) and down our Pingala (right). Starting at the base of the spine with Aquarius. This appropriately places all the + signs on the left side of the body, and all the - on the right.

These come in two colours:

1) Spiral Galaxy

2) Monochromatic

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