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Vishudda • Throat Chakra Mini • Monochromatic


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Vishudda • Throat Chakra Mini

Style • Monochromatic

Size • 3 x 3"

The throat chakra is associated with self expression. It connects us both to communication in this realm as well as higher realms. It aids in helping us achieve our highest ideals by speaking our truths and is the second power chakra. This is also the chakra that facilitates divine timing. When expressed correctly it allows energy from the heart to flow upward and out towards the world, facilitating effortless expression of the soul. These minis are perfect for meditations while on-the-go.

Colour: Blue 💙

Element: Ether 🌀

Mantra: HAM

Location: Throat

Sound: Rushing wind or water

Sign: Gemini+ / Virgo-

Ruler: Mercury

Spiritual Quality: Calmness

When this chakra is open and balanced one will be filled with feelings of calmness and expansion. Plans are able to be shared with others in a constructive way that leads to success. This chakra is also responsible for clairaudience: connecting us to hear the voice of our higher self.

When this chakra is overactive one will experience things like talking too much, not having an ability to listen and gossiping. Likewise when Vishudda is underachieve this can lead to being overly secretive, feeling unable to talk and being stuck in one’s own head. When energy is withheld, or we don’t speak the truth, it can create a bottleneck effect. This causes energy to build up below the throat and become stagnant.

To open up the full potential of this chakra, meditate with this symbol daily. Sing your favourite music. Chant using the mantra HAM while directing energy towards the throat. Practice first writing the truth that you are too scared to speak outwardly, then try sharing it with a small group of your closet people.

The + and - signs shows the path energy takes through the body as it travels through up our Ida (left) and down our Pingala (right). Starting at the base of the spine with Aquarius. This appropriately places all the + signs on the left side of the body, and all the - on the right.

These come in two colours:

1) Spiral Galaxy

2) Monochromatic