Svadhisthana • Sacral Chakra • Monochromatic (SOLD)

Style: Monochromatic
Size: 8″ square
Sarazen Brooks original artwork

Our lotus has now transformed and has six petals instead of four. Our sacral chakra is located above our root chakra in our lower abdomen. The sanskrit word svadhisthana translates to “one’s own dwelling place,” meaning it’s a reflection of our true inner self. It’s connected to the enjoyment of life and feelings of intimacy. It also encompasses emotions, connectivity, feeling secure, sensuality and expressing joy.

Colour: 🍊

Element: 🌊

Mantra: VAM

Location: Sacral

Sound: Flute

Ruler: Jupiter

Sign: Pises- / Sagittarius+

Spiritual quality: The ability to follow the niyamas

When the sacral chakra is open a person will have an easy time cultivating and enjoying meaningful relationships, as well as finding that same joy in creativity and life. When there’s a blockage or damage due to the difficult nature of life, a person’s not able to enjoy themselves fully, instead attaching to feelings of guilt, shame, negative self-talk and worry. This may include a sense of bleakness, emotionlessness, unable to experience intimacy, overindulgence, fear of change, desire to be numbed out, lack of confidence, sexual dysfunction, stomach aches, as well as depression.

Our sacral chakra is ruled by the planet Jupiter, a divine teacher that helps expand our horizons and follow the niyamas, or the spiritual duties or observances of yoga and life. When we allow parts of our creative self to get swept under the rug, we run the risk of causing a chain reaction with all other chakras, creating an imbalance that will continually seek to correct itself so the soul can return to harmony. If you have a weak planetary alignment in your chart, you may want to consider the enhancement of that chakra to experience greater balance.

The easiest way to balance this chakra is to step into a greater place of joy. Allow yourself to do more of the activities you really want. Get outside in the daylight and do a physical activity, such as walking or the series of poses in yoga called “sun salutations.” Positive affirmations can also help let go of hurtful emotions one may be holding onto. Meditate on the chakra daily with this painting for up to several hours per day. Often healing will come somewhat spontaneously, either during or after meditation, helping one to feel refreshed, renewed and ready to start on the next creative cycle.

In feng shui this is the ideal item to improve your fame/enlightenment bagua. This bagua is aligned with the south and is energized by pictures of the sun, pyramids, things that are golden, orange and fiery in colour. 

The + and – signs shows the path energy takes through the body as it travels through up our ida (left) and down our pingala (right). Starting at the base of the spine with Aquarius. This appropriately places all the + signs on the left side of the body, and all the – on the right.

These come in two colours:

1) Spiral Galaxy

2) Monochromatic

Please contact regarding this painting or to commission a similar artwork.

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