The Revolutionist

Acrylic on canvas with moulding paste
Size: 16″ x 16″
Sarazen Brooks original artwork

Message from The Revolutionist:

Greetings, Earthlings, it is I, Uranus,
one for the dramatics, you could say,
often misunderstood,
often Diminished,
so far out in the outer solar system,
the outer reaches of the cosmos,
yet it is where I prefer to be,
silently working in the background of things.
That is how I get most of my work done,
by being almost invisible to the naked eye.
Unseen, yet my touch is felt
very strongly in the subconscious,
especially when I am given permission,
though that is not always needed,
meaning I will not allow beings
to hold on to all their heaviness,
to keep their darkness and stench and waste
so close to them.
That is not something that is divine.
I like to pry the deadness away from you
so that you may plant new gardens,
so that you may sow more dreams,
once that space is made.
My methods are chaotic,
and that’s why they are so effective,
come out of absolutely nowhere
and hit you from the side.
But don’t ever expect it twice,
just like lightning
I’ll find a different way the next time around.
Yet we can be friends, you and I,
If you really want to embrace this healing path.
Work with me together with Pluto
if you are looking for, and are prepared for,
a world of change and have the tenacity to do
the work involved.
I am Uranus.

Please contact regarding this painting or to commission a similar artwork.

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