Victory Uprising (SOLD)

Oil on canvas 
Size: 30″ x 60″
Sarazen Brooks original artwork

This painting had a lot to say, and indeed there is a beautiful tangible being out there with whom I was in communion. He told me that he is a valiant warrior, although he was not always viewed as one. His warrior nature came into fruition with his most recent accolades. Prior to that he was an underdog in his family, in a long lineage of warriors that would fight side by side, cleaning up the darkness that exists around the universe. He was eager to come of age, to prove himself and win esteem.

He chose a very long and difficult journey that he wasn’t sure he could make it back from. During this solitary journey he arrived transformed. He overcame great adversity and conquered his inner self. He now raises his arms high in the air as an expression for the joy found within.

Message from Victory Uprising:

“I work ceaselessly to bring out the solitary warrior within. I am a great overcomer of obstacles, speaking from experience in all I have overcome, leading by example, as all great warriors do. I speak with conviction, the conviction of someone who has spent the time going within, someone who has come into deep understanding of the self and proudly displays their inner riches for all to see. You all hold great undiscovered treasures within you, some may never come to pass, and that’s the greatest loss, to never see. Call on me for victory in all endeavours and I will be your rocket through your biggest battles of the self and outer world, pushing obstacles away with one hand. I resonate with the guide known as Maitreya and the mighty avatar known as Victory.”

Reference courtesy of NASA.

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